New Business Cards!

A bunch of HSO business cards (front). Metalic finish and gloss!

I took some pictures of the new business cards (for Hypatia Software Organization) which came in the mail! They’re glossed and metallic finish. Sorry for the low photo quality.

The back reads Text “Hypatia” to 44222, which if you do that, you’ll get a text which contains a link to our donation page and asks you to text your email to automatically signup for the Hypatia Software Organization newsletter. This feature is through my employer, LeadPages; all employees get a free account for LeadPages marketing services (they call this dogfooding).

The front lists this website (, the HSO GitHub org, contact email ( as well as our Twitter (@hypatia_org). The black part reads “Hypatia Software Organization,” and below that large heading, “Bring financial stability to transgender women through software engineering.”

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