Polling is a Hack: Server Sent Events (EventSource) with gevent, Flask, nginx, and FreeBSD

Polling is a Hack (1)


Server-sent events efficiently sends data to clients in real-time and asynchronously. This particular setup was used for STATICFUZZ and shows you how to send an event from server/Python to client/JavaScript, plus setting up the server! This is about as full stack as it gets!

Core technologies:

  • JavaScript/EventSource
  • gevent
  • Flask/Python
  • nginx
  • FreeBSD

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A Simple, Maintainable Slack Bot

This past week we’ve begun automating our onboarding process by developing a chat bot for our team Slack. The bot messages new users with pre-written information which all users should be aware of, like relevant links (Code of Conduct, mentor calendar, etc.). We chose to use a Python implementation of the Slack API; Python is the standard language used at HSO.

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Clear Hypatia Engine Short Term Vision

Lillian here, hoping to shed some light on my plans for Hypatia Engine! This post is a follow up to the earlier blog post I made about short term goals for Hypatia Engine.

In summary: I want to standardize an amazing API for easy interaction with perfect implementations of essential game components/objects. There are generic game concepts which persist through almost any 2D game genre: platformers, sidescrollers, top-down, etc. The core features/components we need to focus on perfecting to have a kickass 2D game engine are:

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First Quarter Goals

Following are the targets for Hypatia Software Organization’s first quarter 2016 (January, February and March). These should provide an insight into the focuses of the organization at present. If you think you can help out, please contact volunteer@hypatia.software.

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