First Quarter Goals

Following are the targets for Hypatia Software Organization’s first quarter 2016 (January, February and March). These should provide an insight into the focuses of the organization at present. If you think you can help out, please contact

Aiding hireability of transgender women

The organization will focus on refining its mentorship workflow, in order to facilitate its primary goal of helping transgender women become employed. To make this a reality, the procedures outlined below will be followed.

  • Provide ten 45 minute minimum one-on-one mentor sessions a week. Each trans woman is entitled to one session a week.
  • Open classroom hours for teaching groups; other mentors may join to learn or watch.
  • Foster and facilitate communication between both student and mentor.
  • Aim for weekly sessions, and getting women hired in six months or less. Document the curriculum.
  • Maintain a core syllabus, however, make it bespoke and flexible where necessary. For instance, learning “Django” or “Flask” specifically in the Python for the Web course, if this would prove beneficial to the individual’s employability status.
    • Core Fullstack: WordPress with MySQL, nginx, php-fpm in FreeBSD.
    • Advanced: PHP; requires Core Fullstack
    • Core Python
    • Advanced: Python for the Web; requires Core Python and Core Fullstack.
  • Scheduling and checking/setting availabilities for mentor sessions, which should be straightforward.
  • Mentor training: a standardized workflow for mentors, handbooks, etc. Mentors will be trained by Lillian, but hopefully by additional successful mentors, in conjunction with a member advocate.
  • Mentor roster, mentor calendar, needs to properly reflect the available times, bio, contact email, and backgrounds of mentors
  • Develop a mentor screening process.

Transgender women in our software consultation team

The organization will endeavor to make good on its offers of consultation services, and provide trans women with connections and freelance opportunities.

We create the leads, and we give them to women in our organization we trust to do a good job. If we think they’ll need help we need to offer guidance, mentorship.

Transgender women paid to write articles for our and other blogs

We’ve been invited to write paid guest articles on various blogs (about issues for trans women, women in tech, etc.). We should have a real, dedicated writing team, that is being paid to write articles. This team can also help write for our blog, talks, etc.

  • At least two paid articles a month

Create a Brand Identity for Hypatia

We want to craft the perfect brand identity, including an professional logo. This logo will improve marketing, allow us to sell merchandise, and establish a unified presence among activist and software spaces.

A bonus is, once we have a logo we can start selling merchandise!

Develop connections

Put some time into marketing:

  • Collect people’s emails!
  • Get people to sign up for the newsletter! Status updates at least twice a quarter; goals/targets, quarter review (which goals/targets were met, weren’t, and why).
  • Establish connections with companies with software engineering positions.
  • Offer to tailor some of our mentorship programs to specific needs of company connection if they promise to come to us first about employment opportunities.
  • Foster strong connections with donors.

Establish Ourselves Officially as a Nonprofit Organization

  1. Research possibilities of working with a probono lawyer.
  2. Raise necessary funds to hire a lawyer.
  3. Become a legal organization.
  4. Process paperwork to become a Nonprofit Organization.

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