How’s Q1 of 2016 going?

Hello, Lillian here, I just wanted to give y’all an update! I just published our second newsletter (it’d been about a month since the last). I wanted to present a filtered/boiled down version here, plus there was a special announcement just for newsletter subscribers (more reason to subscribe to the newsletter!).

This post talks about big events, the startings of our board, how we’re doing on goals, two new projects, and some statistics!

Big notice: we will be hosting a public event (you’ll have to buy a ticket) in Minneapolis, Minnesota on International Women’s Day (March 8) of 2017! More information to come in a later blog post!

Around the bend

Starting a board

To become a 501(c)(3) we need to establish a board. Here is our board established as of current:

  • Executive Director: Lillian Lemmer
  • Assistant Director: Sara Murray
  • Consultation Business Director: Allison Clift

We are looking for an Outreach Director, Mentorship Director, Creative Director, Treasurer, and a Marketing Director.

New board directors page:

Starting paid or volunteer staff roles

We have these official staff roles (for which we are accepting volunteers!):

  • Event coordinator
  • Archiver
  • Grant writer/specialist
  • Mentor

This does not begin to cover everything, but they’re some areas we’re needing to fill soon!

Staff page updated (and blank ha!):

What about this quarter’s goals?

Here’s how we’re making progress on our quarter 1 goals (see: last newsletter):

  • Our initial goal was to get ten 45-minute session slots available per week for students. We almost doubled that goal, with four mentors offering a total of seventeen 45-minute slots!
  • We’ve been working on a unified syllabus for our instructors to follow
  • It is now a simple process to add appointment slots and to book appointments for students and mentors. The mentor calendar is password protected because it contains sensitive information about the mentors, exclusively for transgender women seeking help to see, or for staff to book appointments.
  • The Mentor Roster (password protected like above) now reflects all the mentors and their skills
  • We have been making huge strides in setting up our software consultation team for transgender women! We’ll have more info on that in a later update!
  • We have selected a logo and brand color
  • We have doubled our newsletter recipients
  • We have established links with allies, and a company. We will be connecting to more people in March–Sara Murray will be handing out cards and talking about Hypatia Engine at GDC, Lillian Lemmer will be talking at LibrePlanet
  • We are inching closer to becoming an official nonprofit, thanks to Chris’ help (@caw1983)



We have a new software project called Staticfuzz. Memories which vanish. Live message board, in the spirit of early anonymous message boards, like and Kareha.

Try it out on the official website:

I wrote about Staticfuzz in a recent blogpost.


About the Hypatia Software Organization’s website:

  • Visitors and visits has doubled in the last month
  • The blog article “Polling is a Hack: Server Sent Events (EventSource) with gevent, Flask, nginx, and FreeBSD” is by far the most popular content on the site, it is even more visited than the home page of the website. Needless to say, our blog is a powerful tool for reaching a larger audience (especially since it’s setup to post on all the social media platforms!)
  • We’re inching our way to the first page for the search term “Hypatia” alone (currently on the fourth page!). Second page for “software organization”. First page for “transgender software.”
  • Our biggest referrer by far is Twitter, x2 more than our second and third biggest referrers: google and reddit. The Google term “flask server sent event” gets us referrals (currently 14th in rank). We also get referals from our website.
  • Almost everyone who visits the website is in USA
  • We gained a new blog author: Rosaline Dhalia
  • 10 comments this month, compared to 0 last month

First newsletter stats:

  • Our first newsletter had 27 recipients (now we have 48!)
  • Of those recipients, 42.3% opened the email, 19.2% clicked links therein.
  • The most popular link was the Our Services page on the HSO website (4 clicks total).

Slack stats:

  • 81.7k total messages, 33% public channels, 7% private channels, 60% direct messages
  • 498 files @ 0.2 GB
  • 68 members

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