Benefits for experiencers of transmisogyny

To get benefits, fill out the Benefits Application. You must self-identify as a someone who experiences transmisogyny to receive benefits.

Here’s a list of our programs:

  • Cash Relief: Get cash for your personal emergency, such as not being able to afford: medication, food, shelter, bus fare, etc.
  • Mentorship: Our mentorships put you one-on-one with the mentor of your choice, training you to become an amazing software engineer, then getting you a job in the field!
  • Ask to join our #trans-women-only and #women-only channels on Slack!
  • Intern with Hypatia Software Organization’s open source software team (Sappho, AdventureDocs, etc.)

Intern with HARLOT Magazine

Intern with HARLOT Magazine! Get valuable job references for the following (unpaid) work:

  • Research: Data collection, investigate and deliver documentation. For example, if an article was being written about “sapiosexuals on OKCupid”, a researcher would scan some profiles of people identifying as sapiosexuals and send some screengrabs.
  • Interview Referrals: Volunteer refers interviewable personalities which will receive significant promotional attention. Primarily for those who know the connection or those who have access to a space HARLOT doesn’t. Not a full time role.
  • Graphic Design: Cover art and other graphical assets for articles.

Don’t forget to join #the-double-h on Slack!