New Business Cards!

I took some pictures of the new business cards (for Hypatia Software Organization) which came in the mail! They’re glossed and metallic finish. Sorry for the low photo quality.

The back reads Text “Hypatia” to 44222, which if you do that, you’ll get a text which contains a link to our donation page and asks you to text your email to automatically signup for the Hypatia Software Organization newsletter. This feature is through my employer, LeadPages; all employees get a free account for LeadPages marketing services (they call this dogfooding).

The front lists this website (, the HSO GitHub org, contact email ( as well as our Twitter (@hypatia_org). The black part reads “Hypatia Software Organization,” and below that large heading, “Bring financial stability to transgender women through software engineering.”

Hypatia Engine: Using Tiled Map Editor

Last Halloween I made a special Halloween Release (0.3.0) of Hypatia Engine. Along with it, I released this tutorial video on creating basic scenes with Hypatia Engine:


I’m trying to make a habit of releasing Hypatia Engine on its birthday: Halloween! This year it was a smashing success; Hypatia Engine was successfully released on Halloween.

Here’s the Leadpages landing page I used to promote the Hypatia Engine Halloween release (I work at Leadpages; thanks Leadpages!)

Hypatia Engine short term vision

I have a sort of mental roadmap of where I want to take Hypatia Engine. It’s nothing formal, but I thought it’d be good to put out there.

I feel like a lot of focus went into bigger picture stuff, but what I really want to focus on are the CORE graphical utilities before getting into game state, or any of that stuff. These utilities should be usable independent from the core game logic. I want a solid foundation before going forward, and I really want to avoid accruing technical debt.

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LeadPages paid me to work on Hypatia Engine for a day

My current employer, LeadPages, hosted a hackday party. I believe they do them once a month (I’m new here). For one of the challenges, I submitted a solution to reproducing a given image with CSS and HTML, but that only took a short while.

LeadPages paid me to work on Hypatia Engine all day! In that time I managed to get caught up on PRs, cleaning up the project, updating the docs, and some miscellanea. I finally released Hypatia Engine 0.3.4 after the aforementioned changes– I had been sitting on unreleased features for a while (see: changelog).

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