Board of Directors

Hypatia Software Organization’s Board of Directors provide the vision that guides the management of day-to-day operations.

For day-to-day operations see the staff page.

If you’re interesting in knowing what, specifically, the Board of Directors does we have an official document explaining Board of Director roles and responsibilities.

Lisa Marie Maginnis


“Introducing Lisa Marie” blog post

Lisa Marie joined Hypatia Software Organization in the Spring of 2016 as a volunteer. Currently she is the spokesperson for Hypatia, as well as education and business coordinator. Through Hypatia, Lisa seeks to help empower homeless and disenfranchised trans women everywhere.

Brian Callahan


Brian’s experience and knowledge has streamlined our officiation, compliance, and outreach/connections. Their competence with nonprofit protocol is a guiding force of integrity, legal safety, transparency, and stability within this organization. Brian has been a completely dedicated volunteer starting at the organization’s infancy.