Developer Image

Hypatia Developers Image (Debian 9) running in VirtualBox

Getting started

The developer image is a VirtualBox image that helps us develop in the same environment!

  1. Download and install VirtualBox
  2. Download the developer VirtualBox image (roughly 2.8 GB)
  3. Open and boot the HSO developer environment in VirtualBox
  4. It’ll ask for your password: type hypatian and hit enter!
  5. Type startx to start the GUI!

Technical notes

  • Debian 9 (codename: Stretch)
  • Standard “US” keymap
  • Hostname is hypatia
  • Username is hypatian
  • root password is: toor
  • IPv4 configured, but not IPv6
  • Linux LVMs
  • Runs well with on a virtual machine which has 512 MB RAM

What’s installed?

  • Programming Tools:
    • git – Version Control Software (htttps://
  • Text Editors:
    • Atom
    • Vim
    • Emacs
  • firefox-esr
  • Python!