Hypatia Engine: Using Tiled Map Editor

Last Halloween I made a special Halloween Release (0.3.0) of Hypatia Engine. Along with it, I released this tutorial video on creating basic scenes with Hypatia Engine:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZHk7PgUEGY]

I’m trying to make a habit of releasing Hypatia Engine on its birthday: Halloween! This year it was a smashing success; Hypatia Engine was successfully released on Halloween.

Here’s the Leadpages landing page I used to promote the Hypatia Engine Halloween release (I work at Leadpages; thanks Leadpages!)

LeadPages paid me to work on Hypatia Engine for a day

My current employer, LeadPages, hosted a hackday party. I believe they do them once a month (I’m new here). For one of the challenges, I submitted a solution to reproducing a given image with CSS and HTML, but that only took a short while.

LeadPages paid me to work on Hypatia Engine all day! In that time I managed to get caught up on PRs, cleaning up the project, updating the docs, and some miscellanea. I finally released Hypatia Engine 0.3.4 after the aforementioned changes– I had been sitting on unreleased features for a while (see: changelog).

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