Before submitting a Volunteer Application:

Each committee has its own private Slack channel (including mentors and committee managers), but all volunteers hang out in #volunteering.

Be a Mentor!

Help a transgender woman flourish in software engineering, professionally. Do hands-on, one-on-one mentoring sessions, in addition to teaching a crowd. This means helping with:

  • First free software project
  • Making contributions to Hypatia Software Organization’s projects
  • Building a resume, portfolio
  • Connecting students to professional resources, such as jobs, people (we provide most of this for you, but please add your own!)

Essentially, get a transgender woman a job in software engineering, at some level, to jump-start their career!

We’re especially seeking individuals with professional experience with Python + web (e.g., Django, Flask).

A student has graduated once you feel confident giving them a reference and recommendation.

Be a Committee Chair!

Works in close liaison with the Chairman of the Board, to address concerns and proposals from the respective assigned committee.


  • Develop reports which measure committee effectiveness
  • Develop proposals which address solutions to issues in committee effectiveness
  • Report to the Chairman of the Board to address concerns of the committee.
  • Promote strategic planning within the committee.

Join a Committee!

A committee is a group of staff designated to oversee a specific and limited task, report on those concerns, and develop plans for approval to the board. Committees and committee managers are not a part of the Board of Directors.

Committees are often regular staff members with special and organized privileges.

Community Committee

Promote nurturing, psychological safety, glee, and glitter within our community.


  • Help applicable trans women receive the fullest benefits possible
  • Act as liaison between students and mentors
  • Develop and oversee clubs, activities which facilitate fellowship, e.g., chess club, arts and crafts club.
  • Enforce the Code of Conduct, especially providing feedback
  • Make sure volunteers are fully utilized and directed

Mentorship Committee

  • Help on-board new students
  • Help maintain the mentorship coursework

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee leads the Board’s fundraising effort. The Fundraising Committee develops a fundraising plan. Additionally, the Fundraising Committee ensures the proper acknowledgement of donors.

Technical Committee

Oversees day-to-day technical operations, including:

  • Server administration
  • Website administration
  • Developer Committee

Anti-Abuse Committee

Overseen by our Director of Culture, the anti-abuse team enforces our Code of Conduct, mitigates and handles abuse concerns, and promotes the concerns of our members.

Welcoming Committee

Welcoming and outreach community, continuously finding volunteer staff and trans women to use our benefits. Handle on-boarding/welcoming efforts.

Content Committee

Hypatia Software Organization had lots of media needs! We routinely release articles and YouTube videos on our blog.

Here are some things you can work on in the content committee:

  • Making videos, video editing, directing, writing
  • Writing technical articles
  • Writing trans feminism articles
  • Reviewing written documents, including the website, e.g., proofreading
  • Graphic art
  • Updating the website (WordPress, no technical experience needed!)